Hypnotherapy Articles

Please enjoy this collection of articles written by our founding director, Gwendoline Ford – as well as a selection of republished articles from sources such as New Scientist magazine and 24-7 PressRelease.

Understanding Hypnosis by Brian Roet – Book Review

For clinical hypnotherapists we all know there are many books on self hypnosis available to us, however Dr. Brian Roet’s Understanding Hypnosis differs from the others in that, as a qualified and experienced practitioner, he addresses the subject of hypnosis better than most.Currently working in London as a psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist, Dr. Roet also […]

The Tool Box for Life by Govanni Lordi – Book Review

This book – The Tool Box for Life by by Govanni Lordi is deceptively interesting. It’s simply written and I must admit that I thought perhaps too simple at first.  I am glad I picked it up again though, to find that it has some real gems within and wonderful insights that truly can enrich […]

Philosophy of Supervision for hypnotherapists

It is recommended in fields such as counseling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy that novice and experienced therapists participate in what is known as supervision. The primary motivation behind the supervision of hypnotherapists is to ensure those being supervised are adhering to professional standards set by governing bodies, as well as providing an opportunity for in-depth professional […]

Most People Hypnotised While Driving Their Cars

In his book “Dream Psycles – A New Awakening in Hypnosis,” author and certified hypnotherapist Carl Allen Schoner argues that if you drive a car, hypnosis matters! Many people think of hypnosis as an elusive trance state rather than an active state of awareness characterized by a crystal clear line of communication between the conscious […]

Hypnotherapy Statistics

Have you ever wondered how effective hypnotherapy really is? Scientists and researchers around the world have come together to provide us with facts and figures about hypnosis. The verdict: It really works! Results from Studies Stop Smoking – Hypnosis is 3 Times as Effective as Nicotine Patch and 15 Times More Effective Than Willpower The […]

Hypnotherapy – Your Route To Success

By Gwendoline Ford Quitting smoking. Successfully conceiving. Losing Weight. What do all these things have in common? They’re all achievable through hypnotherapy, a 100% natural and effective therapeutic modality with only one known side-effect: positive life changes. Hypnotherapy is, as the name suggests, the therapeutic use of hypnosis – a special state of mind that […]

Hypnotherapy in Surgery: As the Surgeon’s Knife Cut Into Her Chest

As the surgeon’s knife cut into her chest, 46 year old Pippa Plaisted should have been in agony. The 45 minute breast cancer operation she was undergoing at the Lister Hospital in London would normally have needed a general anaesthetic. But Plaisted had not been anaesthetised, nor given painkilling drugs of any sort. Instead, hypnotherapist […]

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