Mirroring Hands – 2 Day Workshop – Presented by Richard Hill – Brisbane location

Dates: Saturday, 22nd of September – Sunday, 23rd of September
Mirroring Hands is a Client-Responsive Therapy that facilitates natural problem solving and mind-body healing. Healing hands is the natural progression for those who have been working with Mindfulness and in the fields of promoting mental and emotional health.

PHONE 07 3217 3560.


Day 1 ... Certificate I - Essential Practice:
    Session 1: The Natural Rhythms and Cycles

  • In this session we explore and re-establish our awareness of the best ways of being. We will learn about natural problem-solving capacities both individually and in relationship with the client.
    Session 2: The Wonders in our Hands

  • In this session we begin the process of learning and experience how we can utilise the hands to open a connection to the inner self. Practical exercise will be introduced, followed by demonstrations.
    Session 3: The Language and the Silence of Mirroring Hands

  • In this session we explore the powerful effect of using as much language as the client requires to begin problem-solving and healing processes. More experiential work with different elements of Mirroring Hands will deepen your experience of the practice.
    Session 4: A Client Responsive Therapeutic Approach

  • In this session we will explore the important client responsive approach of sensitive observation and therapy emerging as a response to the client, rather than a direction or even suggestion. A final group exercise will prepare you for the way you choose to use Mirroring Hands beyond this workshop.


You Will Learn:
  • How to introduce and induce a client to the process.
  • The 4-stage creative cycle and the natural Ultradian Rhythm.
  • How to facilitate the client's natural problem solving and mind-body healing.
  • The language and silence of Mirroring Hands.
  • Appreciation of "sensitive observation".
  • The meaning and value of a client - responsive approach.


Day 2 ... Certificate II - Practitioner I:
    Session 1: Ideodynamic Responses - motor/sensory/affect

  • In this session we reflect on the first workshop before exploring the nature of ideomotor response. We include experiential activities here as well.
    Session 2: Comfort and the Growing Edge

  • In this session we consider the concept of comfort and strength, first as a discussion and then as a group Mirroring Hands activity. Richard will then do a demonstration before engaging in a reflective discussion.
    Session 3: Practice

  • In this session we begin applying specific forms in groups of three and then move to unregulated facilitation of Mirroring Hands between pairs.
    Session 4: Advanced Use and Application

  • In this session we conclude the training with a final practical session, bringing together what you have learnt throughout the training.


You Will Learn:
  • How to be sensitive to the variety if ideodynamic responses.
  • The nature of comfort and how comfort facilitates strength.
  • Discover your growing edge and exploring your best way to practice.
  • Learning to trust improvisation of technique.
  • Understanding the use and application of advanced Mirroring Hands techniques.


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