Arm Levitation Method II

Arm Levitation Method II



Spoken to the subject

As soon as you are ready to go into a deep hypnotic state, you will close your eyes and begin inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly … (Pause and observe a moment)

Breathing deeply and slowly brings more oxygen into your system, and each time you exhale your body keeps relaxing more and more …

Each time you inhale and exhale you can become more aware of the natural rhythms of your body and the feelings of comfort that develop … (Pause)

As you continue sitting there, you will find yourself becoming more relaxed and comfortable …

Can you feel even more comfortable letting your hands rest very gently on the arms of the chair? (Pause until subject’s arms and hands are on the arms of the chair)

That’s good … just have your hands barely touching the arms of the chair … notice that your hands can rest so lightly that your fingertips are barely touching the arms of the chair …

You’re doing good … as your hands are resting and lightly touching the arms of the chair, do you notice that they tend to lift up a little bit all by themselves with each breath you take?

Does it seem like they keep feeling lighter and lighter so that they are now lifting up easily toward your face as the rest of your body continues relaxing … (Pause, and give hands time to begin lifting)

As that continues on, does one hand or the other or maybe both continue lifting even more? (Pause)

It’s really interesting the way that hand continues feeling lighter, and keeps lifting up toward your face without any conscious effort …

As that hand keeps lifting toward your face, does the other hand want to keep lifting and catch up, or does the other hand want to rest lightly on the arm of the chair?

Does that hand keep lifting up toward your face smoothly, or does it want to lift with slight jerking movements?

It may want to lift more quickly … or more slowly as it gets closer to your face … and it may need to pause briefly before it finally touches your face, so you will know you are going into a really deep hypnotic trance …

And your hand will not touch your face until your subconscious mind is really ready for you to go into a deep hypnotic trance …

When your hand touches your face, you will take a real deep breath as you relax and experience yourself going into a much deeper, more peaceful hypnotic trance …

(Note : continue with suggestions of that type until hand touches the face. After hand touches the face, proceed with the following suggestions:)

You may not even notice yourself going into an even deeper hypnotic trance as your hand slowly returns to the arm of the chair all by itself …

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