Guilt Release

Terence Watts

Instructions to the Hypnotist

This should be used only when there is a genuine cause for the guilty feelings. It should not be used when there is a misinterpretation of events, i.e. when it is obvious that no guilty feelings are deserved or when the guilt is otherwise unwarranted (rape, abuse, finding a new partner after the death of a spouse, etc.). Under those circumstances, it could have an adverse effect. Use as part of an ego/confidence reinforcement session.

Spoken to the subject

And you’re going to find yourself easily able to forgive yourself for things your feel you may have done wrong in the past…whether those wrongs are real or imaginary… and whether they are in your conscious mind or buried within the subconscious… you’re going to find yourself easily able to let go of any guilt feelings associated with these things… because you are a normalhuman being with normal emotions and normal drives, you’re sometimes prone to make normal human errors, as we all do… but those errors, those human mistakes, are in the past now… and we cannot and should not attempt to rewrite history…

because everything that happens to us is part of what makes us human… and the very fact that we are able to feel guilt tells us that we are human… tells us that that we are a caring person… because if we felt no guilt, then that would mean that we did not care… and it is only the person who does not care that should feel guilt… and yet it is only the person who cares.

Who genuinely cares, that does fell guilt… so now it’s time for you to be just a little kinder to yourself… to accept that the guilt you have been feeling is the subconscious mind’s way of letting you punish yourself for things you feel you may have done wrong…but there is always a limit to the amount of punishment that is needed for any wrong doing… every caring person knows that… and when that limit has been reached, there is no just need or cause for that punishment to continue… and a caring person finds it easy to forgive people their mistakes… so you can now forgive yourself…

just as you would forgive others for their errors,their mistakes… because those things you feel you may have done wrong were errors… just mistakes… so there is no need now for your for further punishment… most of the time, nearly all of the time, you don’t make these errors… nearly all the time, you do the right thing… and you have always tried to do what you believed was the right thing to do… and because of this,you’re going to find it easy to forgive yourself, right now, right this minute… you’re going to find yourself easily able to let go of any guilt feelings associated with these things that you feel you may have done wrong…

whether those feelings are in the conscious mind or buried within the depths of the subconscious… it’s all right to let go of those feelings of guilt… and to accept that you are a whole, complete, and worthwhile person…

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