Inner Advisor

Spoken to the Subject

Take a few slow, deep, abdominal breaths … Inhale … Exhale … Inhale … Exhale … Focus your attention on your breathing for a few minutes … And recognize how easily slow, deep breathing alone can induce a nice state of deep relaxation. Let the body breath itself … according to its own natural rhythm … slowly … easily … and deeply … Now take a signal breath … a special message that tells the body you are ready to enter a state of deep relaxation … Exhale … Breathe in deeply through your nose … and blow out through your mouth…

Remember your breathing … slowly and deeply … As you concentrate your attention on your breathing, imagine a ball of pure energy or white light that starts at your lower abdomen and as you inhale, it rises up the front of your body to your forehead … and as you exhale, it moves down your spine, down your legs, and into the ground … Again … imagine this ball of pure energy or white light rise up the front of your body to your forehead as you inhale … and as you exhale, it goes down your spine, down your legs, and into the ground … Circulate this ball of energy around for a few moments … and allow its circulation to move you into even deeper relaxation and comfort …

Each time you inhale and exhale, you may be surprised to find yourself twice as relaxed as you were a moment before … Twice as comfortable … Twice as peaceful … For with each breath, every cell of your body becomes at ease … as all the tension, tightness, pain, or discomfort drains down your spine, down your legs and into the ground … Continue to circulate this ball of energy around for a few moments … As you allow yourself to enjoy this nice state of deep, peaceful relaxation, return in your mind’s eye to your personal place … “(Describe the characteristics of a personal spot if the subject does not already have one.) Let your imagination become re-acquainted with every detail of this beautiful spot … Sense the peaceful beauty all around you … Stretch out … Relax … And enjoy it.

As you relax in your favorite spot, put a smile on your face … and slowly look around … Somewhere, nearby, some living creature is waiting for you … smiling and waiting for you to establish eye contact … This creature may immediately approach you or it may wait a few moments to be sure that you mean it no harm … Be sure to look up in the trees or behind bushes, since your advisor may be a bit timid … But even if you see nothing, sense his or presence and introduce yourself … Tell your advisor your name, and that you mean no harm, for you have come with only the friendliest intentions. Find out your advisors name … The first name that comes to your mind … Right now …

Sprinkle some food out before you … and ask your advisor if he or she is willing to come over and talk with you for a few moments … Don’t be alarmed if your advisor becomes quite excited and starts jumping up and down at this point … Often advisors have been waiting a long time to make this kind of contact … Until now your advisor has only been able to talk to you sporadically through your intuition … Tell your advisor you feel sorry you have not listened more in the past, but that you will do better in the future…

If you feel silly talking in this way, tell your advisor that you feel silly … that it is hard for you to take this seriously … but if you sincerely want your advisor’s help, make that very, very clear … Tell your advisor that you understand that, like in any friendship, it takes time for feelings of mutual trust and respect to develop … Although your advisor knows everything about you, since your advisor is just a reflection of your inner life, tell your advisor that you won’t push for any simple answers to important questions that you may be dealing with … Rather, you’d like to establish a continuing dialogue … so that any time you need help with a problem, your advisor can tell you things of great importance … things that you may already know, but you may have underestimated their significance …

If there is a problem that has been bothering you for awhile, ask your advisor if he or she is willing to give you some help with it … Yes or no? … Your advisor’s response is the first answer that pops into your mind … Pose your questions as you exhale … And the first response that comes into your mind as you inhale is your advisor reply … An inspiration … Ask your question now … (pause)

What did your advisor reply? … Ask any other questions that are on your mind (pause) … Continue your dialogue for a few moments … asking your questions as you exhale … and listening to the response that pops into your mind as you inhale … (pause)

Remember, your advisor knows everything about you, but sometimes, for a very good reason, he or she will be unwilling to tell you something … This is usually to protect you from information you may not be ready to deal with … When this occurs, ask your advisor what you need to do in order to make this information available to yourself … Your advisor will usually show you the way … (pause) … If there is something that you would like your advisor to be thinking about between now and the next time you meet, tell this to your advisor now … (pause) … If there is anything your advisor would like you to think about between now and the next time you meet, find out what that is now … (pause)

Set up a time to meet again … a time that is convenient for you and a time that is convenient for your advisor … Be specific as to exact time and place … Tell your advisor that although these meetings are important to you, part of you is lazy or even reluctant to follow through …

One way your advisor can help motivate you to continue to meet periodically is by giving you a clear demonstration of the benefits you can gain … a demonstration so powerful that you will be moved to work even harder in getting to know yourself … If you are in pain, for example, ask your advisor if he or she will be willing to take away that pain completely … right now, just for a few moments, as a demonstration of power … If so, tell your advisor to do it … now …

(long pause)

Notice any difference? If you are willing to do your share of the work, by relaxing yourself and meeting periodically to set things straight, there is no limit to your advisor’s power … Ask for any reasonable demonstration that will be undeniably convincing to you of this power…

You might be, for example, somewhat forgetful … and although you want to continue these meetings with your advisor, you might forget the exact time and place that you agreed to meet … If so, ask your advisor to help you by coming into your consciousness just a few moments before it is time to meet, to remind you of the meeting.

Before leaving, tell your advisor you are open to having many different kinds of advisors … And that you will leave this totally up to your advisor’s discretion … If your advisor wants to bring other advisors along the next time you meet, fine … is there anything your advisor would like you to bring along with you the next time you meet? … If so, find out what that is … (pause)

See if your advisor will allow you to establish physical contact … This is very important … just about every animal on the face of the Earth loves to have its face stroked and its back scratched … see if your advisor will allow you to make this contact now … (pause) … While making this contact, find out if there is anything else that your advisor would like to tell you … If so, what is it? … (pause)

Is there anything that you would like to tell your advisor before you leave … If so, do it now … (pause)

In a moment, you will take the signal breath to return from this meeting … But before you do, tell yourself that each time you make contact with your advisor the communication will flow more and more smoothly … more and more easily … more and more comfortably … Tell yourself that when this experience is over, you will feel relaxed, rested, and comfortable, energized with such a powerful sense of well being that you will be able to respond easily to any demands that may arise …

To end this exercise for now, take the same signal breath that you used to begin it … Exhale … Breathe in deeply through your nose … Blow out through your mouth … And be well.


Medical Disclaimer:

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