Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This brief progressive musle relaxation of 2-3 minutes (which can be made much longer )is a great alternative to the longer PMR’s allowing the hypnotist to move quickly on to the deepening phase and therapy. This is ideal for regular clients who may become bored and restless with longer versions after a while.
Now I want you to think about the top of your head… many people don’t realise that tension often starts in the little muscles of the scalp, so I want you to think about those little muscles and the skin of your scalp and just allow them to let go and relax… now all the muscles of your face, just let them let go slack… your forehead and your eyes and eyelids… the cheeks, mouth and jaw muscles… it’s a wonderful feeling when you let your face totally relax, because you can actually feel the skin settling, smoothing out… it might mean that your mouth opens slightly, but whatever’s best to you, just let it happen… unclenching your teeth and relaxing your tongue, because the more you physically relax, the more you can mentally relax… thinking about your neck and shoulder muscles now, and into the tops of your arms, letting all tensions drain away as you think on down through your elbows… into your forearms… down through your wrists and into your hands… right the way down into the very tips of your fingers and tips of your thumbs… just letting all those muscles let go and relax… and now think about your breathing, noticing that you’re breathing even more steadily, even more slowly, as you relax more and more, so you can let any tension in the chest area simply drain away as you think on down to your stomach muscles, letting those muscles relax, too… think down into your back now, the long muscles either side of the spine, just let those muscles relax… and your waist… and your main thigh muscles, as you think on down through your knees, down through the shins and calves, just allowing all those areas to relax and let go, as you think on down through your ankles, through your feet, into the very tips of your toes… all the muscles of your body beautifully relaxed and easy… very lazy…

Now use deepener …

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