Hypnotic Susceptibility Tests

This test has been compiled by academics as an evidence based tool.

Hypnotic Susceptibility tests are only indicators of potential trance depth. There are three levels of trance readily accessible by all people: Light Trance (approx 20%), Medium Trance (approx 60%), Deep Trance (somnambulism, approx 20%).

Hypnosis Responsiveness Questionaire

(The Hypnosis Institute of Texas)

1. Have you ever been hypnotised ?     (yes / no)

2. Have you ever seen anyone be hypnotised ?      (yes / no)

3. Do you believe that hypnosis can help with your issues ?    (yes / no)

4. Have you ever walked or talked in talked sleep ?    (yes / no)

5.  Have you ever awakened in the middle of sleep and found that you couldn’t move or speak ?       (yes / no)

6.  Are you basically a trusting person ?      (yes / no)

7. Do you have a vivid imagination ?     (yes / no)

8. Do you often daydream or involve yourself in fantasies ?     (yes / no)

9. Are you able to concentrate deeploy on an idea or a thought ?     (yes / no)

10. Do you feel comfortable being touched by familiar people ?     (yes / no)

11. Are you open to and accepting of new ideas ?    (yes / no)

12. Are you able to get in touch with your emotions easily ?    (yes / no)

13. Do you believe it’s possible for a person to heal by the power of their mind ?    (yes / no)

14. Have you ever wished that you could cease taking medication ?    (yes / no)

15. Do you enjoy reading fiction and often find yourself lost without the story ?    (yes / no)

16. Are you basically a religious or spiritual person ?    (yes / no)

17. Do you enjoy talking about the unknown and/or the supernatural ?    (yes / no)

18. Have you ever meditated ?    (yes / no)

19. If you were to imagine sucking on a sour, bitter, juicy yellow lemon, would you mouth quickly begin to water ?    (yes / no)


The more “Yes” answers given indicates more receptiveness to hypnosis.

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