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We’re Proud to be one of Australia’s Leading Hypnotherapy Training Colleges


“Celebrating over 15 years in clinical hypnotherapy training”

Gwendoline Ford

Welcome to Career Accelerators, and thank you for visiting my website on your journey to find the best hypnotherapy training to suit you and your career goals.

If you are just beginning your hypnotherapy journey, rest assured that Career Accelerators will support you during your study with us, and when you graduate you will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to begin practicing immediately. For those that are already practicing hypnotherapists, Career Accelerators also offer additional training to help you expand upon your current skills or begin to specialise in a specific hypnotherapy field.

Gwendoline Ford: A fully qualified and highly experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Educator, Hypnotherapy Trainer, and Inspirationalist. She has helped to educate more than 16,000 course students since 1994, and is proud to have been an important part in her students career growth within the holistic industries.

“I will help to illuminate the amazing processes of your mind and show you how you can use this knowledge to maximise potential in your life”

“Gwen has the knack of helping others to gain knowledge in an engaging way, showing you how to develop skills and potentials without making it seem hard, and leaving you feeling confident and motivated about the experience and your future. A lovely person I highly recommend. “

Bruni Brewin, President Emeritus – Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association

“It’s been great to learn the skills and to actually do them hands on. To get the feedback of the people you’re doing it with, and experience it yourself too. I’m finding it really beneficial.”

A. Snailham – Former Student, now Hypnotherapist and Trainer

“I came here to do the hypnotherapy training because I had spoken with Gwen, and just got an instantly good rapport with her. What I really liked about the instructor’s style was how it would flow, and how they would pick up on what people were saying to them, and then put that into the hypnotherapy treatment. They really taught us to be in the moment and to really listen to what we were trying to get from the individual and use that information in the therapy by giving it back to them. If you’re thinking of doing hypnotherapy, come and do this course. It gives you a world of knowledge!”

M. Watson – Former Student

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Did you know?

Clinical Hypnotherapists can earn over $65,000 p.a. within two years of setting up their practice and many skilled practitioners can eventually earn twice that. With that in mind, all our courses and training represent extremely good value for money!

You can…

  • Set up your own multi-disciplinary clinic
  • Work as an independent practitioner in a busy clinic
  • Deliver seminars and motivational speeches
  • Create your own training workshops

…and much more!

Where will it take you ?

Where might a qualification in Hypnotherapy take you?

Upon your graduation, either from the intensive practical training or the higher qualifications, you will feel empowered with the knowledge that together with your clients you can succeed in turning their lives around. Hypnotherapy is an amazing way to make a living by empowering others and guiding them from life inhibiting conditioning, thinking and negative habits.

You can put your skills to work in so many wonderful ways!

  • Improve Personal and Professional Relationships
  • Take Control of Unwanted Habits and Thought Patterns
  • Motivative Yourself and Others
  • Help Yourself or Others to Stop Smoking or Other Addictions
  • Promote Healthy Eating and Weight Management
  • Help Improve Fertility
  • Boost Your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • See Things in a New, Positive Way
  • Release Repressed or Denied Emotions Safely
  • Train Your Mind and Incorporate the Practice of Mindfulness
  • Advance Your Business or Career
  • Tap Into Your Hidden Reserves of Creativity and Wisdom
  • Explore Your Spirituality
  • Journey into Past Life and Other Therapeuctic Regression Practices
  • Achieve Life Mastery

…Or maybe you’ll specialise in another area!


Are you ready to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist?

Trust your Hypnotherapy Training with one of Queensland’s Leading Hypnotherapy Colleges – Career Accelerators.

We are a Proud Member of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia.

Be a Hypnotherapist and Make a Difference

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist you will have a huge impact in helping your clients get focussed, inspired and excited about living their greatest life. By incorporating the power of the mind you will help others change their thinking so that their thoughts begin to serve and support them – and not enslave or degrade them. What we think really does matter!


Hypnotherapy Works

Your conscious mind is the voice in your head that you hear all day long. You cannot just program your conscious mind because your subconscious beliefs are more powerful than your everyday thoughts. Your subconscious mind is like a giant computer hard drive that can be programmed with your mental software of new thoughts and belief systems for improved thinking. For example, if you currently have a mental program installed in your subconscious mind that tells you that “you will never accomplish anything” your subconscious mind will make sure that you DON’T. Hypnotherapy really does work – and the results of effective clinical hypnotherapy will allow you to release yourself from the bondage of emotional uncertainty, fear and being controlled by outdated thoughts, habits and beliefs.


“Career Accelerators can help turn your skills into an industry recognised qualification”

Gwendoline Ford – Principal and Director of Career Accelerators

Save Time / Money and Get RPL

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that allows students to gain credit for skills, knowledge and experience gained through working and learning. Such skills, knowledge and experience can be gained throughout life, and does not necessary have to be formal learning or government accredited training.

When applying for RPL we advise you to contact our college directly on 07 3217 3560 to begin the RPL process. This process includes collecting evidence to support your RPL application, mapping your skills, knowledge and experience to specific modules, and then restructuring your study so that you are given credits for specific modules. Keeping with industry standards, an RPL fee does apply for each credited module.

The Benefits of RPL include:

  • Not having to restudy material you already know and/or practice
  • Reduced course costs and study loads
  • Ability to gain qualifications sooner
  • Recognition and appreciation of your professional and personal skill base


7 Days of Practical Hypnotherapy Training

This popular 7 days of practical hypnotherapy training provides students with the foundational knowledge of hypnotherapy that will allow them to begin practising immediately. Class sizes are limited due to the nature of the training.

The 7 days of practical hypnotherapy training is a stand alone course (Foundation in Hypnotherapy), and the practical component of the Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy qualification.

2020 DATES

  • Thursday, 18th of June, 2020
  • Friday, 19th of June, 2020
  • Saturday, 20th of June, 2020
  • Sunday, 21st of June, 2020
  • Friday, 17th of July, 2020
  • Saturday, 18th of July, 2020
  • Sunday, 19th July, 2020

    Gwendoline Ford’s Holistic Gastric Hypno-Banding

    Qualified and/or experienced Clinical Hypnotherapists that would like to add this popular hypnotherapy technique are encouraged to contact the college for more information on training.

    Contact the college for more information.

    7 Days of Advanced Hypnotherapy Training

    The 7 days of advanced practical hypnotherapy training takes what you have learnt from the 7 days of practical hypnotherapy training and builds upon it, allowing you to explore and practice more advanced hypnotherapy techniques.

    The 7 days of advanced practical hypnotherapy training forms the practical component of the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy qualification. It can also be a stand alone course for new hypnotherapists wanting to acquire advanced skills in hypnotherapy, or for established hypnotherapists as part of their CPE training.

    All training is conducted at our Woolloongabba location, Brisbane.

    For information on what you will be learning during each practical training dates, please contact our friendly staff on 07 3217 3560.

    View some video student testimonials below:

    Student Experiences

    “Do not think any longer – do it! You will not regret it.” – C.W.B. 2018

    “The course is comprehensive and will provide you with everything you need to help you feel competent as a hypnotherapist.” – L.D. 2018

    “A BIG thank you for the wonderful training and support we have received from you. It’s been a great adventure that we look forward to continuing. Keep up the wonderful work.” – C & N, 2018

    “This is the best course and is delivered in such an amazing way… it’s a real investment.” – J.T. 2017

    “Excellent course.” – W.B. 2017

    “…very informative, you feel competent to be a hypnotherapist.” – M.M 2017

    “Study with CA (Career Accelerators) with confidence.” – D.M. 2017

    “I would highly recommend this course.” – F.M. 2017

    “(Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Workshop) Thank you again for this weekend. I am so excited to get started. “ – K.B. 2017


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